Data Cabling Solutions offers premium-quality and innovative services in computer networking for the Charlotte, NC area. We have the talents, experience as well as the equipment to handle any kind of wiring installation, build out or cabling jobs that you might need done. We install all types of Fiber Optic and Category cable.

Servicing the Charlotte area since 2005, we know just how important an efficient, fully-functioning and neat office space is for an employee and the overall business productivity. Take a look at our snippets below that list’s all of our services we handle on a day to day basis in the Charlotte, NC area.

Category 5/6 Cabling
Copper cabling is a standard among all infrastructure systems. Understanding the design and layout is key for cabling success.
Raised Floor Installation
More and more of today's Infrastructure are calling for raised floor installations in a controlled environment. (critical facilities)
Data Center Services
Data centers require excellent knowledge and understanding of how a Critical Facility Environment operates. Rack and stacks are a part of what we do.
TV Installation
Having a Video Conference Room is a must in today's fast paced world. Whether you need it for Video Conferencing or just to do a presentation, we can complete any TV Install in any environment.
Cubicle Cabling
Office environments use modular furniture systems. Typical Installation of cubes and office furniture is key for the end user.
Fiber Installation
Getting you linked up and connected is priority one for a network. Installing Fiber from your servers and switches or just patching in.
IDF Closets
We can build out a complete infrastructure of cabinets, cable tray's, wire management, shelves and stack all of your equipment.
Demo Work
We'll remove old infrastructure like cabinets, shelves, ladder rack, equipment and cabling. So you can prepare to start over or expand.
Wireless Access Points
Wireless access is crucial for guests or VIP's. Knowing how and where to place and install AP's is just part of the process for a great network.